Meet Brandon and Mike, the founders of Squatchnut.

Since he was young, Brandon Hofhines was an avid hunter in the woods of the Pacific Northwest. Here, he experienced a lot of…strange…things.

Rocks thrown at him. Trees 6 inches thick, snapped in half as if they were mere twigs, then fashioned into a teepee. All in the middle of nowhere.

He's been a believer ever since. But as life goes on, his passion for Sasquatch left to lurk in the background while life kept trucking on.

As an adult, he experienced a tumultuous life change - he got laid off from a company he's worked with for a long, long time. His friend, Mike Carrier, experienced the same. And this brought about the worst days of their lives.

So they sought to build something together…something they are passionate about. Where they can produce work that's fun and meaningful to them.


Sasquatch inspires people worldwide, piquing their interest, making their imaginations run as wild as the creature itself. It has created a rag tag group of individuals that seek to solve a mystery otherwise left on the wayside by so-called “officials”.

Brandon and Mike aim to bring together these people under a single logo, a bat signal, if you will. And they aim to inspire community, unity, and hope and to bring people together.

And thus, Squatchnut was born.

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